Advantages and Choosing of Digital Photo Frame

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Digital photo frame is a frame that can display the photos on screen rather than the traditional way. By reading photo from the SD card and the displaying way of circulating, it is more flexible compared with the traditional one. To the increasing number of digital photos, it is a new and great displaying space.

Normal uses of digital photo frame: Extract your memory card from your digital camera and insert it into the card slot. Ensure the type of your SD card is right. Adjust the speed of slider. Usually, the manufactures choose a fast speed of sliding for the reason of displaying function. But in fact you may don’t need such a speed. With the buttons on the screen or remote control, you can adjust the color of the photos. Sometime, the manufactures provide the function of background music.

Compared with the traditional frame, the biggest advantage is not only the displaying thousands of photos, but also the saving of film developing. Then, how to choose a good one?

Can’t be neglected photo editing function. Why choosing digital frame, keep an eye on the function of editing. As a frame, the displaying of photos is the basic function. Most of the digital frame combines the functions of music, video, calendar, and clock together. In fact, compared with the previous one, the editing of photo is more practical. For better composition for other reasons, we may shoot photo at any angle, so it may not convenient for the enjoying of frame. At this time, we need the function of rotating.

Screen is the key. Display screen is the soul. Current main stream are mostly 7inch ones with the resolution of 480*234, which can meet the need of 12MP home picture. Keep another eye on the screen brightness and contrast, just like what you do while choosing displayer or flat screen.

Beside the resolution, contrast and brightness, the length-width ratio also directly affects the displaying effect. There are three main stream ones: 3:2, 4:3, and 16:9. The photos shoot by cameras are mostly 4:3. It will be distorting if displayed in wide screen. It is recommended to choose the familiar ratio or pre-edited with the software like PS.

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Advantages and Choosing of Digital Photo Frame

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Advantages and Choosing of Digital Photo Frame

This article was published on 2013/10/31