Photo Frame- Learn the Art Behind Framing

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Photographs are memoirs loved and cherished by all age group people. Photographs and photo framing have been prevalent in the society since time unknown. Though with time many significant changes have appeared in the frames, the latest being digital frames. These digital frames have capacity to display eight or more photographs at a time and the photographs are put in it digitally. Photo frame is an art or process of framing your precious photographs or paintings.

Purpose of Framing the Photographs

The main aim of the photo frames is to preserve the precious photographs. These frames protect the photographs from heat, dust, insects and pollution. All these increase the life of the photographs that are framed.

Raw Materials Required in Framing the Photographs

The frames come in all shapes and sizes; these frames differ in raw materials depending upon the size of the frames. There are two main types of frames available in the market, table top and wall frames. The table top frames are generally small in size and are often made up of various types of raw materials, metals, glass, plastic and wood. The larger frames are mostly hanged on the walls and are exclusively made up of wood. The big frames generally have designs made up of clay that are stick to the frames. The small to medium sized frames have glass covering on them, but for very large frames only polish is applied on the paintings.

Art of Photo Framing

Though there are many online picture framing stores from where you can get your pictures framed, the art of photo framing should be known to all. The frame needs to be opened from back for putting the photograph. Now, keep the photograph on the cardboard present on behind the frame and insert the photograph snugly within the frame and lock the cardboard from behind. Each frame has four packs to keep gap between the glass of the frame and picture. This gap is essential for the picture to "breadth". This breathing cuts off heat, moisture and pollution from the photograph. Special kind of glass is used in the frames, which allows good visibility of the photograph from all directions, even in poor light.

There are many online photo frame stores that will not only frame your photographs but also provide you gorgeous photo frames at discounted prices. You may buy two frames at the cost of one, through these online photo frame stores.

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Photo Frame- Learn the Art Behind Framing

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This article was published on 2010/10/01