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Here are some tips on attaching picture frame hardware to your wall frames.

There are really two primary steps to installing wall frame hardware. First, you have to choose the right wall frame hardware for the frame you want to hang. Second, you have to put the hardware in the right place on the picture frame. Although this may seem super simple, it can be tricky. So, here are some tips to installing picture frame hardware on your wall frame.

Step #1: Use the Correct Picture Frame Hardware

If it is a good ready-made picture frame not bigger than 11x14 inches, then it usually comes with the picture frame hardware. If it doesn't come with hardware, then a saw-tooth hanger or two eye hooks will solve the problem. These items can be found at your local hardware store.

You should use a saw-tooth hanger if your wall frame is smaller than 11x14 inches as these are pretty easy to install. Saw-tooth hangers come in various sizes, so if your wall frame is smaller than 8x10, small or medium-sized saw-tooth hangers would work well. Larger frames like 11x14 or 8x10 require larger saw-tooth hangers. For heavy frames or large picture frames, it is best to use eye hooks as they can handle the extra weight or size better than saw-tooth hangers. Eye hooks are a little more difficult to install because they require more effort and a few extra steps.

Step #2: Identify How You Want to Hang the Frame

Identify the direction you'd like to hang the wall frame, and begin installing the proper picture frame hardware.

For saw-tooth hangers, make sure it's attached straight and center (or you'll have a hard time hanging the wall frame properly). Measure the width of the frame, then divide the measurement in two to spot the saw-tooth hanger dead-center. A small level can help you double check if the hanger is on straight or not.

Eye hooks, on the other hand, are screwed into the frame's wood molding to better handle the weight of the frame. To install eye hooks, you have to screw the two hooks in and string a wire through them. Before screwing the eye hooks in, decide where to place them. Place pencil marks where the screws go before you start. The hooks are meant to be screwed into the frame's right and left sides. Measure 1/3 of the way down the sides of the frame from the top and mark them -- these are the spots where the eye hooks go in. Pre-drill holes when you get the spots right and then screw in the eye hooks. With the eye hooks in place, thread the wire through them. Make sure that the hooks are even and use just the right length of wire to make your wall frame lay perfectly on the wall. Make sure to leave some slack in the wire -- if you thread it too tightly, the frame won't display properly on the wall.

Installing the picture frame hardware on these wall frames may seem a bit complicated at first, but if you're good with your hands, it's pretty easy. If you're not so sure, ask your frame retailer to do the task for you the first time. Afterwards, you can try it yourself the next time around.

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Wall Frames - How to Install Wall Picture Frame Hardware

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This article was published on 2010/03/27